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Degree in Medicine (University of Barcelona / Universidad de Barcelona, 1987).

Specialty in Psychiatry (Hospital La Paz, Madrid, 1994).

PhD in Psychiatry (Autonomous University of Madrid / Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, 1994).

Regional Mental Health Department. Ministry of Health. Nicaragua (Estelí, Region of las Segovias) (1987-1989) - Clinical and Community Work.

Collaboration in different popular organizations in El Salvador and Guatemala (1989-90) related to mental health and human rights areas.

.Advisor and working team - Report ‘Guatemala Never Again’ - Office of Human Rights of the Bishop of Guatemala (1989-90).

Advisor for the Psychosocial Area of the Truth and Reconciliation Comission of Peru.

Visiting Professor of Anthropology at the Catholic University of Temuco (Chile) (1995-1998). Member of the Centre for Research and Promotion of Human Rights (CINPRODH)

Visiting Professor, among others, in the Universities José Simeón Cañas (El Salvador), and San Carlos (Guatemala) teaching subjects on psychosocial work on political violence and community dealing of catastrophes.

Visiting Professor, among others, in the Jose Simeon Canas University (El Salvador) [2001], the Universidad Nacional San Carlos (Guatemala) [2002], University of Pennsylvania (USA) [2005], University of El Bosque (Colombia) [2007] and Universidad Nacional (Colombia) [2009], Universidad Pontificia (Peru) [2008], and Universidad Nacional de la Republica (Montevideo) [2012] teaching or coordinating modules on psychosocial work in political violence and community disaster management, psychotherapy and care for victims.

Researcher in the Human Rights Center Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez (Mexico DF, 2001)

Advisor of the Ethics Committee of the Movement of Victims of State Crimes in Colombia. Consultant - Comprensive Care of Victims Bill - AECID Convention - Colombian Organizations for Acompaniment of Victims - Ministry of Social Protection [2009-2010]

Director of the Master on Mental Health in Political Violence and Catastrophes (250 h) (GAC - Universidad Complutense de Madrid). [since 1990]

Director Post Graduate Degree on Psychosocial Work in War and Political Violence (On-Line Training 450 h) (GAC- Mental Health School of the Spanish Association of Neuro-Psychiatry - Universidad Complutense de Madrid) [since 1994]

Regularly teaching, among others, at the National University of Distance Education (UNED, 2001-2007), University Carlos III of Madrid (2002), University Complutense of Madrid (2001), University of Alcalá de Henares (since 1999) and Autonomous University of Barcelona (since 2007)

Founder and Coordinator of the Grupo de Accion Comunitaria / Community Action Group -Resources Center of Mental Health and Human Rights [1997-2012].

Coordinator of the Mental Health Group of ‘Médicos del Mundo’ (Doctors of the World) (1998-200) and programs in Chiapas, El Salvador, Palestine, Albany or Sri Lanka. Colaborator of ‘Entrepobles’ (Among Countries), Association against Torture, International Peace Brigades, CEAR and International Amnesty. . Coordinator of the Mental Health Group of Doctors of the World (1998-2000), and Technical Referent on Mental health and Psychosocial issues from January 2004. having designed or collaborated on programs in Chiapas, El Salvador, Palestine, Albania or Sri Lanka. Co-funder of the Rapid Response Group (GRIP).

- Psychosocial Health Technician Medicos Sin Fronteras Doctors without Borders - Spain (2001-2004), supervising programs in Spain, Morocco, Ecuador, Colombia. Collaborator of Entrepobles, Spanish Association against Torture, Peace Brigades International and Amnesty International.

Member of the Task Force of the Inter Agency Standing Comitee (IASC) of United Nations on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support on Catastrophes and Emergencies. Member of the Compiling Comitee and coordinator of the Spanish edition. . Member of the Task Force of the United Nations Inter Agency Standing Comitee (IASC) on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings. Drafting Committee Member and Coordinator of the Spanish-language version. (2005-2007). Member International Reference Gruop (since 2007) and Trainer.

Consultor of the World Health Organization on Human Violence and Emergencies and Catastrophes. Member of the International Advisory Group for the HESPER Program (Elaboration of an international consensus tool for the detection of the needs of refugees and siplaced populations (World Health Organitzation-Psychiatric Institute-London). Advisor for the Rapid Assessment in Emergencies Program (WHO Assessment Toolkit), Handbook of Psychosocial First Aid Procedures in Emergencies (PFA-Guide) and Essential Kit of psychotropic drugs in emergencies (Interagency Basic Emergency Kit - Psychiatry). UNICEF Consultant for Installation of Friendly Spaces in Disaster Areas (Child Friendly Space in Emergencies).
- Expert Advisor National Mecanism for Prevention of Torture - Spain (OPCAT). Office of the Ombudsman. (Since 2010). Multidiciplinary Visits to internment and detention centers in Spain (Centres for Minors, Reform Centres, Prisons, Psychiatric Internment Centers).
Associate editor of Intervention - International Journal of Mental Health, Psychosocial Work and Counselling in Areas of Armed Conflict.

- Medical Specialist - Department of Psychiatry (Hospital Universitario La Paz - Madrid).

- Founding Member and President (2008-2010) of the Human Rights Section of the Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry. Vocal - Working Area : Torture (since 2010)

- Elected member of the Board of the International Society for Health and Human Rights (ISHHR) (since 2011)

- Elected member of the Section on Torture of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) (since 2011)

- Expert Advisor in national and international courts for victims of abuse and torture (since 1996). Trainer in Technical Documentation of Abuse and Torture - Istanbul Protocol (from 2004)